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About Us

Best Auto Wash and Detailing has maintained dedicated professionals with over 12 years of experience serving parts of North Carolina. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service along with our top quality auto care services and products. Using only the latest technology we know that you will be satisfied with the quality of care that your vehicle receives. We enjoy the opportunity to meet new friends and daily building repeat customers. We take the time to make the difference with quality detailing and relationship building. We care about your vehicle as much as we care about you. Our goal is to work hard to provide the BEST customer service throughout the Carolinas.

Eco Friendly and Safe!
Water Conservation is something we take very seriously at Best Auto Wash and Detailing. We combine the use of Dri Wash'n Guard Products to reduce the usage of water. Did you know that when you wash your vehicle at home you will use on average about 120 to 175 gallons of water for each wash? For our environment that is a large amount of wasted water. Best Auto Wash and Detailing plans to continually move in the direction of cutting edge technology to make the world a better place.

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